2021 Charities and Organizations

$19 of every paid Duck Race Adoption goes to local charities!

The primary objective of the Duck Race Festival is to host a fun-filled family event for the community to adopt ducks that will financially benefit the Participating Organizations and Charities and will help these key groups achieve their important mission to serve people in the Estes Valley. Each charity is responsible for selling as many of the Duck Race Adoptions as they choose with the expectation that the proceeds from these sales will be returned to them after the Duck Race. It’s a great system because the Participating Organizations and Charities actually help themselves and our community by selling the duck adoptions in accordance with their own planning.  The entire community supports their efforts with generous purchases of those duck adoptions.  That is a win-win proposition! Because the Duck Race Festival is managed by the Rotary Club of Estes Park, coupled with the important help of the other Estes Park Rotary Clubs and lots of interested volunteers, the operating costs are kept low and the result is that the Participating Organizations and Charities receive 95% of their duck adoption sales.

Please Adopt a Duck to help these Participating Organizations and Charities raise funds to support their important mission in the Estes Valley community!


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