Duck Race News

Duck Central Update March 21, 2018 – The race is on!

We are excited to report the Estes Park Rotary Duck Race is off to a great start with on-line sales setting records in many ways.

First, Don Widrig has analyzed the the on-line Duck Adoptions for the first three weeks of early sales. Here is the summary through Wednesday 3/21/2018.

271 Adoptions
$5,420 gross income
43 single orders
16 3-pack orders
22 5-pack orders (amazing)
7 10-pack orders (even more amazing)

There is no doubt about it, the Duck Packs are a big hit with early adopters!

With our new website developed by FrontDesk, Inc. running on an Amazon Linux WordPress machine in the Amazon Web Services (AWS) we have added lots of ways to analyze our visitors. We will be updating this blog for on-line and manual┬ásales weekly during the remainder of the race season. We are very proud of all the new features and want to share the good news with our fellow Rotarian’s and community who are interested in how the race is doing.

Graph of Google Analytics
The Race is on!


Each week we’ll feature the current sales reports, interesting results, and trends observed by Duck Central.

Till our next report, keep quacking!