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Top Ten Tips To Sell More Duck Adoptions!


How is your organization doing with Duck Adoptions this year? With Race Day only 28 days away, we are quacking on Duck Adoptions! 

Here is a little refresher from Kathy, our 2019 Big Duck, who worked this up for Distribution Night to motivate the Participating Organizations.

Top Ten Tips To Sell More Duck Adoptions!

By Kathy Groesbeck | 2019 Big Duck

10.  Birthdays and Anniversaries – Treat your friends and family to something utterly unique by purchasing a Duck Adoption in their name!

 9.  Thank You Gift – Someone done a special favor for you lately?  Surprise that special person with a Duck Adoption, to show your sincere appreciation.

 8.  Honor Gift – Know someone who is extremely special, who has been a HERO and done amazing things?  Show your admiration by gifting a Duck Adoption(s) and encouraging that Hero to circle support for a favorite Participating Organization.

 7.  Duck Race Special Deal – Think outside the box for a special deal to offer along with purchase of duck adoptions . . . an offer of membership in your organization that comes along with X number of duck adoptions purchased.

6.  Board Match – Host a contest at a Board or Membership meeting and encourage a challenge match between members buying duck adoptions “out loud” and Board members matching those purchases with purchases of their own.  Make it fun!

5.  Board Prize – Feature a duck adoption sales contest among members and ask Board members to donate a prize, such as a gift certificate to a restaurant or store.

4.  Set a Goal – Talk with members and decide on a sales goal . . . and make it a stretch goal of 10% more than last year’s sales achievement.  Make a poster to show progress with an achievement “thermometer”.  Remember . . . more duck adoption sales means more dollars to come back to your organization to be able to do more wonderful projects and offer more vital services in our community!

3.  Special Event Fun – Have a special event that features the “duck race” in unique ways . . . duck shaped cookies, decorations, quackers . . . maybe invite Lucky Duck to attend and increase the enthusiasm as a reminder to buy more duck adoptions!

2.  Target a Special Project – Your organization may have something special in mind to raise funds to support . . . identify that project and set a goal to fund it with duck adoption sales this year!

1.  And The Number One Way To Sell More Duck Adoptions – That’s so easy . . . just buy more duck adoptions than you did last year . . . be a ROLE MODEL DUCK ADOPTER!  And then tell the world about the good deed that YOU just did!


So you heard the lady Big Duck!

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