Duck Race News

Merchant Prize Redemption Instructions

To all the merchants who have generously offered prizes for the Duck Race, thank you! In case you aren’t already familiar with the prize redemption process, here’s how it works, from the merchant’s point of view:

Sometime on Saturday after the Duck Race finishes, you will receive an email listing the names of the lucky people who won the prizes you offered. Along with their names and the prize descriptions, it also lists the unique redemption code for each prize. You will need this information, so be sure to keep it and maybe print a copy for easy reference at your place of business! You may want to mark off each prize after it has been redeemed to ensure that a duplicate redemption cannot occur.

On Sunday, all the prize winners will receive an email listing which prizes they have won. This email will give the name, address and phone number of the businesses where they can claim their prizes, along with any specific prize redemption instructions or restrictions that you have provided. And it also will include the prize redemption code – a key piece of data which they can provide when they redeem their prize to prove that they are the real winner. 

Note that prize fulfillment is between the prize winner and the merchant. You can reach out to the prize winner if you wish, but it’s their responsibility to claim their prize. 

If you have questions, please contact Duck Central at or 970-235-0052.